Market Research and Conjuncture Investigations

Market Research and Conjuncture Investigations

Licensintorg accomplishes market research and analysis of market conjuncture, issues reviews by groups of commodities and by separate types of production, conducts analysis of competitive offers, issues price reviews. It accomplishes search for goods, technologies and developments, as well as their producers, both in Russia and abroad.

Licensintorg is the Russian participant of a Russian-French working group for industrial cooperation and of a subgroup concerning security and legal use of industrial property. It is a member of a joined Russian-French Committee for scientific and technological cooperation. It collaborates with the EC UNO in creation of a group for evaluation and commercial use of intellectual property.

Licensintorg renders price calculations of licenses and contracts, accomplishes evaluation of industrial property, and supplies data on royalty values.

Licensintorg accomplishes price calculations on royalty basis using its own methods and data on royalty values for different commodity groups. The method is created on the basis of the World license trade practice, its perennial experience and information received from National institute of Industrial Property in Paris.

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Name of enterprise: Federal State Unitary Enterprise Foreign Economic Organization “Licensintorg” ( VO “Licensintorg” )

Legal address: 121108, Moscow, Minskaya st., 11.

Tel.: +7(499)390-38-95